Manners and Customs of Swedish Forefathers in New Sweden, 1638-1656

To what is now Wilmington, DE

It didn’t take long for the Virginia Colony to move from a (mostly) struggling fort in Jamestown, to an established body politic with an elected general assembly. According to the Jamestown Rediscovery Website, the first General Assembly met in the “quire” (choir) on June 30, 1619 in the newly-built wooden church at Jamestown. As chartered  … Read more

built by the Dutch West India Company near present Gloucester, NJ

Now present day Manhattan, NY

The first settlers in New Netherland arrived on Noten Eylandt (Nut or Nutten Island, now Governors Island) aboard the ship New Netherland in May, 1624 following Henry Hudson’s 1609 voyage that discovered the eponymously named river.  The settlement was under the purview of the Dutch East India Company that had been formed in 1621 by  … Read more

The Dutch established a settlement on the upper Hudson, named Fort Orange, later named Beverwyck and now known as Albany, NY.

named Fort Orange, later to be Beverwyck, now known as Albany, NY

The Dutch established a settlement on Nuten Eylant (Governor’s Island, NY) in the New Netherland colony

The Dutch established a settlement on Nuten Eylant (Governor’s Island), New Netherland (NY)