Manners and Customs of Swedish Forefathers in New Sweden, 1638-1656

The Dutch established a settlement on the upper Hudson, named Fort Orange, later named Beverwyck and now known as Albany, NY.

The Dutch established a settlement on Nuten Eylant (Governor’s Island, NY) in the New Netherland colony

The Colonial Period in North America, which spans from the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607 to the Declaration of independence in 1776, is a period of conflict and war.  The Colonial History section of the General Society of Colonial War’s website states the case well by saying that although war “signifies the breakdown  … Read more

The Dutch established the colony of New Netherland. It extended from the from the 38th to the 45th parallel (encompassing what is now NY, PA, DE, MD, CT, and the northern half of VA). They also established a fur trading at what is now Albany, NY.

The colonial Period of the United States is often characterized by the wars and battles fought by the colonists with Native Americans, and other European powers between 1607 and 1775. But, it is instructive to review the social and economic history and growth of the colonies because: 1). They were primarily economic enterprises and 2).  … Read more

So much happened in November of 1605. Where to begin? It was a dark and stormy night…